Photography Equipment Must Haves

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December 20, 2016

Photography Equipment Must Haves

Being a photographer, we strive hard to appear better and make better photographs. The equipment you use plays an important role in these matters. Here are few of the equipment you need to have.

The Camera v.5

This is a very special camera made solely for young photographers. Aside from putting much effort on adjusting the aperture, the ISO, and the brightness of a typical camera, we have programmed Camera v.5 to automatically adjust everything for you. This will help you get pictures immediately without wasting time. This camera has a light sensor that captures the sources of the light which will be its basis for adjustment. Another special feature of this camera is that it can easily be connected to a smartphone. You can use your smartphone to take the picture yourself or you can even view what photo it will capture. This is effective if you want to take pictures of a crowd but can’t do it since lots of heads will block your view. Without extending your legs, you can raise this camera and view it on your phone. With this, you can easily get the best photo you want.

The Automated Tripod

This tripod is not just an ordinary and standard tripod you can see in most of the stores. It is the highest technology tripod ever created. The legs of the tripod are automated that all you have to do is place it in your preferred place. The tripod will then adjust its legs to satisfy the horizontal surface of the earth. Once done, the head of the tripod where you will attach the camera can be controlled using a downloadable application on your smartphone. You can move it sideways or up and you can extend the next of the tripod with just your mobile phone. Aside from these, the tripod may also take the function of the camera. You can also click the button in your smartphone where the tripod controls the camera and you can take pictures using your smartphone as a remote.

Flash Gear 1.0

In very dark situations, it is important that you have your lighting gear with you. Flash Gear 1.0 is a customized lighting gear for the convenience of the users. It has a built in natural flashlight for you to use in the dark. In taking photos, you can turn the flashlight on and take pictures or you can take pictures with your flash setting on. Flash Gear 1.0 doesn’t eat too much of the battery of your camera, it has a battery on its own.

Drone 10v

Drone 10v is not some typical drone you see nowadays. It has 5 hovering fans placed together in a symmetrical way. This additional fan increases the height this drone can reach. This drone can reach up to 100 meters above the ground. This drone is water resistant, heat resistant, and lightning resistant. But the most looked up feature of this drone is the eye control. A user wears a gear that has linked system to the drone. While flying, you can move the drone with just your eyes using the gear. Many of the users get amazed with this feature and buy it for their sake.


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