Photography through the Years
December 26, 2016

Life and Photography

People often experience a surge of thoughts that floods with memories upon handling of a photo of a beloved person who passed away. It is very common for people to see several photos of people whom they love and who are dear to them in wallets, bags, and albums. We tend to look at old and new photos to help us feel reassured that everything is fine, everything is okay, everything is alright. Photos have been part of lives for hundreds of years in a sophisticated way.

Imagining the world without photographs is a difficult and complicated task. Photos and pictures are around all of us; on television screens, newspapers, magazines, books, encyclopedias, and on the internet. Pictures depicting evil faces of our humanity portray cruel and harsh expressions, or even intensely extreme poverty creates an insightful impact to all people whether photo lovers or not. These photos or pictures makes people examine themselves which helps them in becoming for respectable and humane. Even just simple photos of babies laughing or smiling can make any persona happy. According to studies, the best models are toddlers who are deemed as the most camera-friendly and good looking creatures on the earth, with their adorable and endearing look that amuses the people.

A single photo can speak thousands of words. These photos may serve as proxy or substitute for long and hard to comprehend stories, statements, and poems. A photo itself without any words or caption in it touches the imagination of the person which tempts him or her to dwelling further into that matter. Photography has the capacity to change a person’s perspective of the world. It is a powerful tool for communication that relays positive or negative emotions.

Photography can be found anywhere on the Internet. Social media and the online media utilizes photography to deliver and convey important news throughout the world that portrays truths and terrors of war and the enveloping presence of poverty. There are certain parts of the world where it is not safe to visit because of the wars and fights of parties. Photos help us to understand their situation for us to be aware and to be able to help them in our own simple ways. Photography engages us to alter how we perceive the world. Before, these photos reveal the truth about everything but nowadays, it is hard to distinguish a real picture from a pirated one.

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