10 Amazing Photography Hacks

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December 15, 2016
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December 26, 2016

10 Amazing Photography Hacks

Turn off the flash

It’s the technique of manufacturers of the camera to make their products flash even when it only gets vaguely dark. It is expected that once the flash works, the photo won’t be as good as the one with the original lighting. But one perk of having a flash is that people will freeze so you can get away with blurry photos. Once newly starting photographers view on these blurry photos, they will think that there is something wrong with the Camera but the truth lies in the incorrect technique of the photographer. Instead of turning it on, keep the flash off but deal with the ISO. Increasing your camera’s shutter speed increases the chance of having better photos and reduces possibilities of blurriness.

Don’t go away too much

In taking pictures, you don’t have to move far away from your subject. Other photographers move way too further as if there is a border that needs to be included in the photograph. As a versatile photographer, it’s fine to cut their legs off, foreheads, or lower part of the body. In this way, you remove extra information that doesn’t describe your subject.

Remove the mess

Simplicity is elegant. Try to look for backgrounds which are in order or with fewer litters. Many photographers use cluttering background thinking that looks abstract but this suffocates your subject. It is best to remove them so that it will be plain and the subject gets the best attention

Use patterns of repetition

They say that photographing skills are born with a person. But everything can be taught. One way to make your photos appear impressive is to look for the background with repeating patterns.             You can often find this on buildings like windows, the walls, doors, or even the bricked ground.

Use Different perspectives

The most common perspective of photos is eye-leveled. It is significant if you use other perspectives that appear new to the public. Some of this is the view from the top of structures or from below the ground.

Symmetry is the best

Some of the best photos have symmetric backgrounds. There is really perfection and beauty in these identical backgrounds that catch the attention of the people.

Make sure everything is straight

In taking pictures, you also need to mind the orientation of the scenery and your camera. Some perfectionists really take time in adjusting the horizontal and vertical straightness of their camera to produce the best result.

Increase the Aperture

Increasing the aperture means you are blurring the background often. This is a good technique so that your subject will be focused more and will get the best attention needed.

Determine the light source

Just simply knowing the source of the light makes you a better photographer. Once the light is at the back of the subject, it is important that you need to adjust to make it appear in front so that you can get away with dark photos.

Tic-tac-toe rule

Cameras have 3 by 3 gridlines just like playing tic-tac-toe. This gridline is here for a reason. This will help you adjust the camera to get the focus of the subject. A preferable adjustment is that the subject should be one black away from the left or right and from the top to give him the attention and the air to breathe.

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